More About Video Surveillance by AT&T’s Digital Life

AT&T’s Digital Life is simple home security delivered through one of two base security packages. Their Smart Security package is offered at $39.99 per month and gives homeowners the opportunity to expand via add-on packages. One of their popular add-on packages is the Video Camera Package. As mentioned in our Digital Life review, “Their first optional add-on package is the Video Camera Package for $9.99 per month plus a $99.99 equipment fee. This package will allow you to view live or recorded video from a personal device like a PC or compatible smartphone.

Digital Life Multiview

Digital Life Multiview

More About the Cameras

The $99 equipment fee is basically one discounted camera. You can choose whatever camera you want but the outdoor camera is the most expensive and therefore would be the best value for $99. The system can manage up to eight total cameras but each additional camera will need to be purchased at the standard retail rate. Digital Life is currently compatible with three different cameras including the indoor, indoor multiview, and the outdoor camera. All three cameras require internet and power to work. You can choose to connect the cameras via WiFi or ethernet though AT&T suggest that connecting the cameras directly via ethernet can increase the viewing range from 100 to 200 feet.

For the most part the cameras are rather standard issue with 720p resolution. They only have the ability to capture still images and video. The ability to record audio is not currently available through AT&T’s Digital Life. The indoor camera is the least expensive option. It is a static camera that can sit on a counter or be mounted in a room. The indoor cameras are priced at $149.99 each. The indoor multiview cameras are $159.99 each. The multiview has the ability to pan and tilt. Finally, the outdoor camera with night vision is $199.99 each.

How Can I Control the Cameras?

The cameras can be controlled using a PC or personal device. The system is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Windows tablets, and BlackBerry devices. However, you will want to check your specific model to make sure it is supported and compatible with the latest version of the app. The Digital Life app is currently rated 3 stars on iTunes and 4.2 stars on Google Play.

The number one complaint of app users is that the video tends to freeze up rendering the video streaming useless.

Video freezes up constantly! I have a Galaxy 3 and it’s very annoying when I get a text that there’s been activity but I can’t view it because the video freezes up! ~ Billie Brinkley on Google Play

Through the app you can stream live footage but also setup events. For example, you can ask for notifications if a door opens. You can also use the app to give the cameras special names. For example, you could call your outdoor camera “back porch”. This makes the notifications more effective and makes the total system easier to manage.

Digital Life Video Storage

Digital Life Outdoor IP Camera

Digital Life Outdoor Camera

The Video package does come with video storage. Essentially, you can store up to 250MBs of data on a rolling basis. Once you have 250MBs of footage, older video clips will automatically delete. You can somewhat adjust the settings. For example, you can adjust the settings to keep the older footage and reject new footage once your storage capacity is reached. AT&T does give you the option to download older footage to a hard drive or a USB drive.


I’m calling a hold on video surveillance from Digital Life. Though the app has an overall decent rating for total functionality, it seems like many of the complaints are specific to video surveillance. Also, the cameras are standard quality and users complain that the lag time can be 5-10 minutes between activity and streamed footage. You would be better off buying a self-monitored IP camera to use in conjunction with your Digital Life service.