Presence Turns Its Attention To Senior Care

Do you remember Presence? Presence started out as a free app that turned old smartphones into home security cameras. I’ve tried it personally on my old iPhone and found it to be a viable, affordable, and economical way to reuse my old phone. However, I didn’t feel like it was enough for home security. For total home security you need a combination of cameras and sensors. As if they heard my cry, Presence is joining the sensor game. But these sensors do more than protect a home, they are aimed at protecting your aging loved ones. Presence is crowdfunding a service backed by equipment called Presence Pro Care.

Presence Pro Care Helps Caregivers Support Independent-Living Elders

You’re probably familiar with medical alert systems for seniors. These systems protect independent-living seniors from intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies. Presence Pro Care works the same way.

Presence Pro Care uses 3 main components. The first one component is the Presence Gateway. It is the hub that ties every piece of equipment together so you have them all working as one. The Presence Gateway requires an internet connection and it needs to be close to a power outlet in order to work.

Next, you have sensors. The system should include at least one sensor, but you can add as many sensors as needed. Each one has its own function.

  • Entry Sensor detects opened doors and windows.
  • Motion Sensor detects motion from its range of view.
  • Water Sensor alerts you of water leaks.
  • Temperature Sensor watches the room temperature and tells you when it gets too cold or too hot.
  • Humidity Sensor keeps molds and mildew problems at bay.
  • Other pieces of equipment include pill dispensers and an emergency button.

The third component is, of course, the Presence app. Caregivers are to use the app, but seniors can have access as well. The app can be used for video calls or to monitor all of the sensors. Beyond that, it provides additional value to both parties.

First, the app will monitor sensors and send alerts. Basically, the Presence Gateway is linked to the app through the Internet. And with all the sensors connected to the Gateway, you can monitor them and receive alerts like motion, flood, or medical emergency.

Second, it creates a Caregiver Circle, or people responsible for taking care of the senior. Using the app, you can keep everyone on the same page and updated in real-time.

Third, the app serves as a messaging platform between caregivers and other caregivers or seniors and caregivers. Caregivers can take notes and share with those that need to be informed. Also, caregivers can video call the senior (or anyone) using the app’s camera function. (Presence Pro Care Service required)

Presence Pro Care Service Offers Optional Professional Monitoring

Presence is unlike other medical monitoring companies because it doesn’t require professional monitoring. But if that’s what you’re looking for, Presence has you covered with its professional monitoring service. The service starts at $19.95 a month.

Although you are not required to sign up for professional monitoring to use their system, you should consider doing so because it adds some pretty cool features. One and perhaps the best, is the Ambient Fall Detection.

Ambient Fall Detection analyzes data from the sensors. It then creates an analysis of the senior’s normal daily activity. For instance, with the help of the entry sensor, it knows when grandma goes out daily through the backdoor to water her plants. If one day she suddenly doesn’t follow her normal routine, caregivers are immediately notified. Caregivers are also given access to grandma’s daily activity analysis provided by the Ambient Fall Detection feature.

Besides Ambient Fall Detection, the premium service also adds more to the app via the aforementioned messaging platform.

Finally, the service adds monitoring. If your circle can’t help, it’s nice to know that a monitoring center has your back.

The IndieGoGo campaign for Presence Pro Care will be over by the end of December. The Presence team has already met their goal for this campaign, but there are still discounted deals to be had like the Pro Care Starter Pack for $99. Systems pre-ordered through IndieGoGo are expected to ship on May 2016.