Alarm Permit Application for Honolulu, Hawaii

Burglar Alarm Registration Burglar alarms can make our homes and businesses more secure and assist police in apprehending lawbreakers. However, 98 percent of the burglar alarms that police respond to turn out to be false alarms. This is costly to the City and County of Honolulu and takes police officers away from important calls for […]

Alarm Permit Application for Sacramento, CA

Alarm Permit Application for Glendale, AZ

Glendale Police False Alarm Ordinance Information Glendale Police Alarm Applications Are FREE! Why do I need a permit? What happens if I do not get one? False Alarm Prevention PDF To implement the provisions of the ordinance, the police department needs to know where alarm systems are being operated and who is responsible for their […]

Alarm Permit Application for Cincinnati, OH

Security alarm systems serve as useful deterrents to crime. The presence of an alarm system not only reduces your chance of being burglarized but can minimize any loss in the event of a burglary. In 2002, the City of Cincinnati Police Department responded to more than 30,000 alarm calls. More than 80% of the calls were […]

Alarm Permit Application for Los Angeles, CA

Alarm Permit Application for Charlotte, NC

False Alarm Reduction Unit In 1996 the Charlotte City Council and the Mecklenburg County Commissioners found that the excessive false alarms unduly burden the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and waste limited police resources.  They adopted the Alarm Ordinance to establish reasonable expectations of alarm users and to ensure that alarm users are held responsible for their […]

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Alarm Permit Application for Asheville, NC

SECURITY ALARM PERMITS Lowering the number of false alarm responses helps the City of Asheville by allowing police officers to be available to answer emergency calls instead of being diverted on a false security alarm call where no action is necessary. With a smaller number of false alarm calls, officers will be available for actual emergencies and […]

Alarm Permit Application for Newark, CA

The police department has responded to an average of 2083 alarm activations per year, 97% of these are false alarms, only 3% required police action or involvement. The police department is hoping to reduce the number of false alarm activations by alarm owner involvement, responsibility and commitment. To apply for an Alarm User’s Permit or […]

Alarm Permit Application for Dallas, TX

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