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LifeFone has been an innovator in providing medical security and assurance to thousands of people since 1976. Throughout the years, they improved their service and utilized the latest technologies available to make their service to seniors and those who need a medical alert system one of the best in business. They are one of the forefronts in the healthcare communications industry and they continue to give quality service to people all over the United States.


LifeFone has a good reputation both from medical experts and their users. Doctors, caregivers, hospitals, and the leading national health, education and consumer organizations are just some who recommend LifeFone. Users also love the service that they provide. They show their commitment to customer assistance, and for that reason, the BBB gives LifeFone an A+ rating.

Medical Alert Systems, Equipment, Plans & Pricing

LifeFone currently offers 5 different medical alert systems with different features, capabilities and pricing.

Aside from these basic packages, they also offer additional services and accessories for your medical alarm system. They offer an optional fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection systems, caregiver tools like medication reminder and activity assurance, and a bunch of additional products like lock boxes, wall mounted help button, and surge protector for your medical alarm system.

At-Home Landline

LifeFone At Home Landline

As the name suggests, this package is perfect for home dwelling seniors and this package uses a landline connection. This is their cheapest package and it has the most basic features.

The At-Home Landline package operates only at home must use your landline. This comes with a base unit and a pendant that can be attached either to a necklace or wristband. The waterproof help button can connect to the base unit fro up to 480 ft away. It is also battery operated and silently monitored in the call center for battery life. If the battery gets low LifeFone will let you know.

The base unit has a built-in intercom speaker and receiver which can be used when making emergency calls. It also has a large “Emergency” button in the middle of the unit that functions as an additional help button. In case you pressed the pendant or the “Emergency” button by accident simplt press the “Clear” button to cancel the alert. In the event of a power outage, the base unit can still work for as long as 32 hours using its batteries, which are also silently monitored by the call center.


This LifeFone Medical Alert System is simple to install, and even those who live alone can follow the process. The first important thing to do is plug it into a power outlet. Once switched on, you can now connect it to a landline telephone connection. Installation is simple as that. It is recommended that you test the pendant and the base unit after installation to make sure that it is working properly.

In case you cannot follow through the installation process, you can either check their website and read the detailed explanation of the process, or you can give them a call and they will happily guide you through your installation. There are no additional installation or activation fees.


LifeFone offers 3 billing options for all of their packages—monthly, quarterly, and annually. Of course, choosing to bill annually will cost you less and billing monthly will cost you most. You can get the At-Home Landline package for as low as $24.95 a month, that is if you choose to pay it annually. If you choose to pay it quarterly, it will cost you an average of $27.95 a month. If you decide to pay it monthly, it will be $29.95.

Also, there are no relocation fees if you need to move. Just give LifeFone a call and let them know where you’re moving to.

At-Home 3G Cellular System

LifeFone 3G Cellular System

Traditional landlines are becoming a thing of the past, so if you don’t have a landline at home, don’t worry about having to get one just to use LifeFone’s system. This package uses 3G Cellular Connection, not landline, to connect with LifeFone’s medical monitoring center and it doesn’t use YOUR 3G Cellular Connection, but theirs.

The At-Home 3G Cellular System package also works best at home. The package basically includes a base unit and pendant that can be connected to a necklace or wrist band. The main feature of this is its connection to an included At&t 3G Cellular System instead of a landline connection. It means that you won’t have to pay for your calls to them, it has already been covered. Because it uses cellular networks, you might worry about your signal strength. The base unit gives audible signal strength notification and it lets you know if the signal is lost or weak.

The base unit is equipped with a highly-sensitive microphone and powerful speakers. The speakers can be adjusted to make it as loud as needed. There is also a large “Help” button in the side of the base unit for easy access to medical help. The base unit has a 60-hour back up battery that can be used even when there are power outages.

The pendant has a superior range, both for signal and voice communication. It can reach the base unit even if you are up to 600 ft. from it. But, keep in mind that it depends on your house’s setup and the materials used to build it. For better assurance, it is advised to test your pendant from every room in your house. The pendant is also waterproof, so you can use it in the bathroom.

Since this package uses AT&T’s 3G Cellular connection I recommend checking the strength and coverage of AT&T in your area. This plays a vital role when needed. Just like their first package, the At-Home 3G Cellular System can also move with you. As long as there is a signal in the area where you are moving, you can use this package. Just like the previous one, all you have to do is give them a call and let them know when and where are you moving.


The installation for this LifeFone Medical Alert System is very easy. Since it uses 3G Cellular network signal, the only wire that you have to mess with is the wire that connects to the power outlet. After that, the base unit will connect to an AT&T cellular network. There are no activation fees required.


The At-Home 3G Cellular System is a bit pricier than the previous package. It’s also available in all 3 billing options. If you choose to pay annually, you can get this package for an average of $32.95 a month. If you choose to pay quarterly, the average will be $34.95 a month. And the monthly cost of this package is $37.95.

At-Home Fall Detection

LifeFone At-Home Fall Detection

Some falls knock a person unconscious. If that happens to a senior, there may be no chance for him/her to press the “Help” button. This package gives an answer to that.

The key feature of the At-Home Fall Detection is its pendant that can automatically detect a fall and call for help. The fall detection has been added to the pendant but it still has the traditional “Help” button that can be pressed as well. As as now however, the technology in fall detection hasn’t been perfected, therefore no one can assure that the all falls will be detected. Because of that, it is highly advised that if you fall but and still have the capability to press the “Help” button, please do.

This pendant, just like the others, is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath. It can reach a range of 600 ft. from the base unit and can contact the monitoring center anywhere within that range. The pendant is battery operated, but you don’t need to worry about running out of battery without knowing it because LifeFone is silently monitoring it and they will let you know as soon as they see that the batteries are low.

The base unit, which works using a cellular network, also received some upgrade to its features. It comes with the traditional “Emergency” button located at the left side of the base unit (when facing it) and a “Reset” button on the other side. It is equipped with powerful speakers and a sensitive microphone. You can adjust the speaker volume using the volume control buttons located in the middle just below the screen which indicates the time, date, ambient temperature, signal strength, and the status of your battery. The battery can run for up to 30 hours to cover any typical power outage.

Just like the previous packages, LifeFone’s At-Home Fall Detection moves with you, as long as there’s a cellular network. You just have to give them a call so they can reactivate your unit and update your profile in their records.


The installation of At-Home Fall Detection is so easy. All you need to do is connect it to a plug. After switching on, you can now contact them for the activation and complete the initial system test.


You can get all the At-Home Fall Detection’s features for as low as $38.95 per month if you choose to pay yearly. You have billing options like paying quarterly or monthly, which will cost you $41.95 and $43.95 per month respectively. You can get a free additional “Help” button from any of these plans.

At-Home and On-The-Go with GPS Service

LifeFone At-Home & On-the-go

There are lots of seniors who are still on the go, always moving, and very active. This package is specially built for them.

The At-Home and On-the-Go package comes with 4 units: a pendant or wristband, the base station, a mobile base unit, and a charging station for the base unit. The package also allows for two people to be covered at the same time. If one person leaves home they can take the mobile unit with them and the person remaining at home is still covered while home. This is a feature not offered by most providers.

The mobile base unit is a battery operated, portable, and very handy device that is connected to a 3G Cellular network. It can be clipped on to a belt or placed in your pocket and purse. It has a speaker and microphone used for speaking with the monitoring center. Because it is used outdoors and wherever you go, it is equipped with GPS tracking so the monitoring center can locate you during an emergency. It has a large “Emergency” button that you can press during emergencies, or you can use the pendant within the 350 ft. range from the mobile base unit.

The base unit is similar with the other packages. It operates within the 600 ft. range from the pendant, the speaker is powerful and the microphone is sensitive so you can speak with the monitoring center remotely in case you were incapacitated, and it can run on battery for up to 30 hours. The base unit displays important information like the time, date, temperature, signal strength, and battery status.

And last, but most importantly, the pendant or wristband that carries a “Help” button. It is also waterproof, battery operated, but has no fall detection. Since this package comes with 2 base units, the mobile and the traditional, you can extend your range when at home. You can also extend the voice range so that you can speak with the monitoring center even when you are not beside the base units. To do so, place the 2 base units separately in your house, for them to cover more range. Since both base units are activated, either of them can be triggered and either of them can be used as an intercom when speaking with the monitoring center.

If you are the kind of a person who is on the go, you don’t have to take the whole unit when moving. Simply take the mobile base unit, charging station, and pendant with you. As long as there is a signal from AT&T cellular network, the base unit will work. Do not worry about being in an emergency when you are far away from home because the mobile monitoring center can track where you are by using the GPS.


Just like the previous package, installation is very simple. All you need to do is plug it into a power source, and call LifeFone for the activation.


This package is available for as low as $38.95, paid annually. You may also choose to pay quarterly with a free extra help button for an average of $41.95 per month. Or you can choose to pay monthly for $43.95.

At-Home and On-The-Go with GPS Service and Fall Detection

LifeFone At-Home & On-the-Go with Fall Detection

This is their last package that works pretty much like the earlier On-The-Go service, except, this one has fall detection.

This package comes with 4 units: the mobile base unit and its charger, the traditional base unit, and the pendant that has fall detection.

The mobile base unit can be used anywhere in the US as long as there is an AT&T cellular service available in the area. The mobile base unit can be clipped in your belt, placed in your pocket, or kept in your purse. It can operate for 24 hrs using its battery alone, and it can also be used when charging. It has an “Emergency” button, a two-way intercom, and indicator lights. The pendant works with this unit within the 350 ft. range.
The traditional base unit is also similar to the one used on the other On-The-Go package. It has speakers and a microphone, a large “Emergency” and “Reset” button, a screen that keeps track of time, temperature, signal, and battery status.

The pendant is waterproof and has automatic fall detection.


The process of installation for this LifeFone Medical Alert System is pretty simple. Just plug it in, call LifeFone for the activation, and there you are! Your medical alarm system is ready for use.


First of all, all plans in this package will give you a free emergency “Help” button. If you choose to pay for it annually, you can get it for an average of $46.95 per month. $49.95 if you bill it quarterly and monthly.

Upgrades and Extra Services

LifeFone offers many upgrades to their products. It can be an extra service, an accessory, or additional functions to their current packages. Let’s take a look at each of them.

LifeFone Caregiver Tools

For current LifeFone users, they can upgrade to these Caregiver Tools that makes the LifeFone experience better for them.

Activity Assurance

LifeFone’s Activity Assurance enables a senior to check in with an emergency care agent everyday by pressing the button in the base unit. Pressing the button lets them know that you are at home and responding to the reminder, or it’s another way of saying that you are okay.

If you did not press the button, it assumes that there is an emergency and an agent will be notified. The agent will then place an outbound call to your base unit and if there is still no response, they will follow your emergency care instructions. The emergency care instructions will depend upon what you have set as your preference prior to getting the upgrade. It is possible that they will only notify your relatives, a caregiver, or you can tell them to immediately get help in such cases. The good thing about it is that it is designed to not interfere with your daily schedules.

This upgrade costs $6 a month and this is available to At-Home Landline users only.

LifeFone Daily Check-in Call

It’s nice, especially for aging seniors, to have someone who knows their name check in on them every day. They don’t have to be physically there to check in on him/her, but a simple call will do. Another upgrade that LifeFone offers to all of their subscribers, no matter what package they have, is the LifeFone Daily Check-In Call.

Every day, a friendly customer care agent will check on you. Yes, an actual, live person will lovingly speak with you and check on your welfare. The calls can be tailored as to how you want it to be. You can tell them to simply check on you to remind you of your medication, make sure you’re okay, or provide any type of reminder you would like. You will also set the time of the day that you want to be called. If you will not be available or if you’re going to be away at your set time, you can always notify LifeFone beforehand and you will not get a call.

What happens if you did not answer their call? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in trouble. It might be that you simply forgot to notify them that you are going out. So on their side, instead of sending immediate help, they will call one of your relatives and ask of your whereabouts or your situation. If they feel that it is an emergency situation, then they will send immediate help.

This upgrade is available for all subscribers for $19 a month.

LifeFone Medication Reminder

The senior’s caregiver will have access to a web portal wherein he/she can add up to 4 reminders with up to 10 medications for each. The details of the senior’s medication are uploaded to the portal and can be viewed by the caregiver.

Once set, the base unit will announce the recorded words “Medication Reminder: Please Press Reset to Accept” once every minute for a whole 30 minutes or until the “Reset” button has been pressed. The button will also flash until the reminder has been accepted. If the senior did not accept the reminder, it will be marked as ignored and the caregiver will be notified.

The caregiver will also get a free access to the senior’s notification settings where he/she can change the notification alerts and choose who to notify in cases such as low base unit or pendant battery, or emergency events.

This upgrade is available for $6 per month for At-Home Fall Detection, At-Home and On-the-Go GPS Service, and At-Home and On-the-Go with GPS Service and Fall Detection System users.

LifeFone Location Service

This upgrade will give you the location of the user and can be accessed through a caregiver’s web portal. This upgrade is only available to on-the-go product users.

The caregiver has 2 options when locating the user. First, the mobile base unit tries to get a GPS lock all throughout the day, and the locations will be uploaded to the portal. The caregiver will see the details like the time, and coordinates when the mobile base unit got a GPS lock. Second, the caregiver can manually locate the senior by clicking on the “Locate Mobile Device” button. This upgrade only gives 30 location requests per calendar month. For an additional 30 locations, there’s a monthly additional fee of $5.

This upgrade is available for only $9 a month, and it includes access to Notification Settings and Medication Reminder.


There are also additional accessories that you can get. These accessories makes your medical alert system experience better and safer.

Additional Help Button

Most packages only come with one help button. For a one-time fee of $39.95, you can get an extra help button. You can let your spouse or any in-home senior use it and have the same benefits that you have for the price of one.

Hanging and Wall-Mounted Lockbox

When an emergency comes and no one can get to the door to open it for the respondents, the only option they have is to break in. But that won’t be necessary if you have a lockbox, either a hanging or wall-mounted. The lockbox serves as a safe that keeps the key to your door. In an emergency, LifeFone’s agents will let your medical respondents know the code to your lockbox so that they can have an access to your door.

You can get both for $39.95 or you may choose Medi-Lok lockbox which you can get for $10 less.

Mobile Device Car Charger and Mobile Device Charging Cradle

On-the-Go system users can get an extra charging cradle or car chargers for their Mobile Base Unit. Convenient, easy-to-carry, chargers for an assurance that you will get help when needed. The Mobile Device Car Charger is available for a one-time fee of $19.95 while the charging cradle is available for $39.95.

Wall-Mounted Help Button

Wall-Mounted Help Button adds an extra layer of protection. It is easily mounted with Velcro at any convenient place at home. Having extra help buttons can give you a better sense of assurance and security that you can get help when needed. It works much like the pendant that transmits signal to the Emergency Response Center and immediately establishes a connection to the center.

This upgrade is only available for landline systems only.

Long-Range Help Button

This help button can be used when going out of your At-Home Landline System’s range. It can reach a range of up to 1500 ft. But just like other help buttons, that would depend on the setup of your house. Because of that, your protection will be extended to your garden, driveway, or outside your gate. Unfortunately, LifeFone did not add a voice extender or an intercom to the help button because it will be too bulky or heavy. The base station cannot hear you either, but if the monitoring center has been notified of an alarm and there are no response, they will immediately send help.

You can get this upgrade for $39.95 a month.

Beaded Lanyard

It’s wrong to think that seniors have lost their fashion sense. Most of them still want to look good, and a help button pendant hanging in their neck is in no way fashionable. LifeFone has a solution to that. The Beaded Lanyard may not add to their medical security but is sure helps a senior’s self-esteem. It is ideal to wear if you want to be safe and still look sylish.

Surge Protector

This add-on can indirectly save your life, but its main purpose is to protect your system. This is an adapter that protects your medical alarm system from electrical power surge that may cause damage or even fire. The Surge Protector can be purchased for $12.95.

DSL Filter

DSL Filter is for the users who use landline systems. DSL signals can be picked up by telephone lines and could cause background noise. It may also mess up with your system’s ability to contact the Response Center. This can be purchased for $6.95.

Complete Home Package

Not all medical alert systems offer additional fire/smoke and carbon monoxide protection. LifeFone offers a complete home package that gives these and a medical alert system. For $42.95 a month, you’ll get a base unit connected to a landline, a waterproof pendant, wall mounted help button, and smoke and carbon monoxide sensors.

In addition to the service provided for the medical system, when the sensors see that there is danger of fire or carbon monoxide in your home, the Response Center will immediately provide assistance.

How Are Alerts Handled?

An emergency starts when LifeFone’s Emergency Response Center receives an alert. There are a few ways to make that happen. Basically, pressing any of the help buttons, will do that. Just like a distress call, pressing the button tells them that you need help. For users who are subscribed to packages that come with fall detection, a detected fall will also alert them. And last, if you are using their package along with their carbon monoxide and fire sensors, as soon as either of them has been detected, the Emergency Response Center will be alerted.


This happens in the Emergency Response Center. As soon as they get an alert from a user, a representative will immediately establish a connection to the base unit and try to speak with the user. They will get as much information as they can as to what happened and determine what kind of help is needed. Since LifeFone gives their users the power to personalize their emergency care instructions, the representative will have to check that before sending appropriate help.

Sending Help

After careful examination of what kind of help the senior needs, the agent will then make a move to summon help. It doesn’t necessarily mean that an ambulance will be headed to your home. They can contact a relative, friend, neighbor, the police, fire department, or your doctor. But please note that even though you may feel like you do not need a medical expert to be called, if the agent feels like it is necessary, he will still summon it. This usually happens when the user is showing signs of stroke.


  • All their products are backed by 100% lifetime warranty.
  • They offer many service upgrades and add-ons.
  • Medical alert service is free for a spouse of an existing user. All you need to do is notify LifeFone and they will provide an additional pendant free of charge.
  • No long contracts unless you sign up for the Complete Home Package. In that case, you have to sign a one-year contract with them.
  • The way they respond to emergencies can be personalized according to the user’s preference.
  • 30 day money back guarantee AND full refunds of all unused prepaid services – once the equipment is returned – on all cancellations.


  • Long-range pendants are only available for At-Home Landline package users. Otherwise, the best you can get is 600ft. range, quite low compared to other companies.
  • Although you can get a package that offers fall detection, you cannot get a fall detecting pendant as an upgrade when you are subscribed to other products.

The Bottom Line

LifeFone has had a lots of experience providing medical security. Their experience led them to innovations both in providing good medical alert service and creating the best products. They are a fair choice as a medical alert system but the money spent on them is a good investment because they also offer good service.

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