Frontpoint Security’s iPhone, Android and Blackberry Apps

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Walk out and forget to set your alarm? Traveling and need to check on your home? Want to know when your kids got home or what time the cleaning company arrived and left? Well Frontpoint Security has you covered.

Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry device, or Apple Watch, Frontpoint has an app that will work.

Frontpoint has a mobile app for nearly every device on the market

Though the Apple Watch performs differently, the other FrontPoint apps offers a consistent experience through the following features:

Main Status Screen

From the main status screen you can get a complete overview of your alarm system status. Check to see whether or not your alarm is armed or disarmed, if any windows or doors are open, or if there’s any motion being detected within your home. From here you can even check to see if there has been a power outage.

Arm and Disarm

You can easily arm and disarm your system from pretty much anywhere in the world. With just a couple of taps you can have peace of mind knowing your home is being protected.

Keep Track of Everything

Frontpoint’s mobile app will track all of your sensors and record the history of every event. For example, you can filter to find what time your kids made it home throughout the week or what time your garage door opened and shut.

Live Video

Frontpoint’s mobile app allows you to watch live streaming video directly from your mobile device from any of their cameras including the pan and tilt and the wireless camera. If you own the FrontPoint pan and tilt camera you can fully control the pan and tilt features directly from the app. It even allows you to save and store video clips to review at a later time. Talk about convenient!

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Geo-Fence Included

With Frontpoint’s Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring plan, you can use their interactive Geo Service. With Geo Service you can setup activities and rules based upon your actual, physical location. For example, if you leave with your phone you can have the system send you a reminder if you forgot to arm the alarm or if you have home automation you can set the system to open your garage door when you’re close to home. Geo-fencing makes the system that much smarter.

The iPhone App

iphone appTo download the iPhone app click on the “App Store” icon and search for “”. made the app for Frontpoint and it will work with your system. The iPhone app is free and works with the Interactive and Ultimate plan.

The iPhone app allows you to arm/disarm, check system status, review alarm history, checkout streaming video, review recorded video, control your home automation features, activate and pause push notification, and more.

The Blackberry App

From the mainscreen on your Blackberry app you can arm and disarm the system, view sensor activity, alarm notifications, apply filters to certain events, checkout live video, view saved video clips, and check the status of your system. To download the Blackberry app visit this site using your Blackberry’s default browser.

The Android App

Android appUsing the Android app you can navigate to multiple features from one screen. You can view the current status of your system, view event history, view live video, view saved video, arm the system, disarm the system, and control home automation features. To download the Android app, click on the Android market icon, search for “” and download the Android app.

The Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch app connects to your smart devices. This works best if you have the Ultimate Plan with Frontpoint. Using your Apple Watch you can control smart home devices using your watch. You can control things like your security system, locks, lights, garage door, security cameras, and even your home’s temperature. The watch will also support notifications which will gently buzz your wrist if an event is detected. As the watch will act as a presence sensor, you can use it to create geo based rules. For example, open your garage when you approach your house or adjust the temperature when you are at least 3 miles away from your house. Using your Apple Watch with your security system is seriously cool and convenient.

Get Started

Call 855-806-1188 or visit Frontpoint to learn more.

Frontpoint offers all customers a 30-day risk-free trial. You can try the system with the free mobile apps to see if they work for you. If they don’t, return the system for a complete refund.