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Best Home Generators: The Top Portable and Stationary Generators on the Market

best home generators

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), most power outages last just over three hours,1 and food begins to spoil in the fridge in four hours. If you or a family member relies on in-home medical care, you know that a power outage can be more than inconvenient—it can be dangerous to your life or health. A generator can keep power supplied to your home when there’s an outage and help prevent potential disasters…

Home Security Stats and Facts: The Hard Numbers on Home Security

home security stats and facts

There’s no feeling quite as frightening as coming home from work to find your door open and nobody at home. At this point it’s too late to start thinking about installing a home security system—but luckily, home security is as much about knowledge and understanding as it is about high-tech cameras and sensors…

Self-Defense without a Gun: 9 Alternative Self-Defense Items

self defense without a gun

I’ve spent most of my adult life living in urban areas and near university campuses, which are, unfortunately, hot spots for crime. Like most people, my personal life and various work schedules over the years have necessitated fairly regular solo travel after the sun’s gone down. I don’t like living my life in fear, and I value my autonomy and independence, so I started carrying pepper spray years ago…

Types of Theft: The Difference Between Burglary vs Robbery?

man getting pickpocketed

Theft. Larceny. Burglary. Robbery. Extortion. These words come up a lot in the home security world—and if you watch as much television as I do, you’ve probably heard these terms thrown around courtroom scenes on crime shows as well. You know they all essentially mean “stealing,” but unless you’re a lawyer or a police officer yourself, you may not know which term applies to which situation…

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