Butterfleye is Wireless Video Surveillance – Really Wireless

Butterfleye Mobile App“Butterfleye needs to be the first smartphone of security cameras.'” says Butterfleye investor Peter Relan in an interview with USA Today. In the crowding world of DIY home security this is exactly how Butterfleye plans to set itself apart. They sum their position up using a cell phone analogy in which Dropcam is the first phone with features while Butterfleye is the worlds first smartphone.

What sets Butterfleye apart is their Active Eye Technology, 100% cordless design, and the ability to recognize you vs others vs your pets.

Meet Butterfleye Video Surveillance

Butterfleye Security CameraI had a brief hands-on experience at CES 2015. So far, Butterfleye looks as promised. Butterfleye will feature two-way audio, alerts, mobile access to live streaming video, and motion detection. The camera will also include a magnetic base. Though the camera is really designed to sit on a shelf, you can use the magnetic base to wall mount the camera and of course adjust the view by manually tilting the unit forward and back. The Butterfleye camera also has a built-in technology they call “Active Eye”. Active Eye is said to learn your patterns. For example, when you arrive home from work Butterfleye will recognize your face and auto shutdown. According to the Butterfleye Security site,

Butterfleye’s Active Eye Intelligence features a learning algorithm that combines video analytics and multiple sensors (Infrared, Thermal, Movement, Light, Sound, Bluetooth, WiFi) to learn your day-to-day behavior. It knows when you are home and when you are not. Butterfleye recognizes when there is an important event happening that needs to be recorded and understands when it is time for the camera to shut down. Instead of recording an empty living room, the camera’s sensors detect humans and pets and turns on when a person or pet enters the room.

If this is true it will certainly set Butterfleye apart from Dropcam. In our Dropcam review, we found that we received frequent notifications of movement in an empty room and suggested that users purchase additional sensors to monitor for movement.

Butterfleye Home Automation and Video Storage

Butterfleye does not currently include any home automation features. As Butterfleye uses WiFi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) they plan to integrate with other products based upon the same technology. They’ve made mention of integration with JAMBOX and the Pebble Smartwatch and they do have an open API. I’m not sure exactly what the plans are for Butterfleye but I will assume it means that Butterfleye will play with others … someday.

Butterfleye does include some video storage. Ideally you would connect Butterfleye via WiFi but it does have built-in memory to capture footage in places that you don’t have internet access. The Butterfleye app will allow you to access 24 hours of video footage. If you want to view older footage they require you to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 for 7 days of footage history or $29.95 for 30 days of footage history.

A Summary of Things to Think About

  • Butterfleye is 100% wireless and cordless.
  • Built-in heat sensors monitor for rapid temperature changes and fire.
  • Two-Way Audio
  • FHD 1920×1080 Resolution
  • Cloud Storage for Video
  • Mobile App for living video streaming, video editing, and social media sharing
  • 100% Battery Powered – Battery charge said to last two weeks.
  • Butterfleye REQUIRES a smartphone with built-in Bluetooth
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Limited Warranty and No Returns Allowed
  • No Night Vision

Where to Buy Butterfleye

Butterfleye will sell for $249 or you can pre-order your Butterfleye unit for $199. They are targeting a ship date of December 2015.