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Every senior is unique. They have different needs, medical conditions, preferences, and even diet. Most medical alert systems provide equal service to everyone regardless of their situation, but Bay Alarm Medical is different in a way that they try to tailor their product to each senior’s needs. How do they do that? We’ll know more later, but first, let’s find out who they are.


Bay Alarm has been existing for 69 years although they originally started as a burglar alarm company. Then they expanded, and almost 5 years later, Bay Alarm Medical was born as a part of the Bay Alarm Family of Companies. For 65 years, Bay Alarm Medical has been customizing their products and improving their services to further serve seniors all over the US.


Bay Alarm Medical have a good reputation from medical societies, customers, and even from BBB. They are rated A+ by the BBB despite having more than 40 complaints over the past three years. Apparently, they managed to take care and resolve those complaints in compliance with BBB’s standards.

Equipment and Services Offered

Great equipment and products are what customers are looking for in a medical monitoring system. On top of that, high-quality monitoring service and customer support is also a necessity.

Bay Alarm Medical are using the traditional equipment that usually involves a base unit, a waterproof help button, and add-ons like fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring. They have a variation of products, including options for those who do not have a landline, for those who are always on the go, and those who need added security.

Their monitoring service and customer support complements their product. They have 3 centers, and they strictly keep medical monitoring separate from their tech support and customer service. Tech support and customer service are handled in their headquarters in California.

Medical Alarm Systems

Bay Alarm Medical offers different products and packages. They try to keep it as personalized as possible to accommodate the basic needs of a senior.

In-Home Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home

In-Home Medical Alert System is the basic, cheapest, and most popular medical alert system offered by Bay Alarm. It works perfectly for seniors who mainly stay at home.


The In-Home Medical Alert System’s features are very basic. It includes a base unit and a help button, but their service extends to your spouse if you buy an extra button. You can also get more upgrades and extra services. We’ll know more about those later, for now, let’s focus on its features.

The base uses a landline connection. Setting it up is simple as it only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet and telephone line. After doing so, you will be able to use the base station as a 2-way communication system through its high powered speaker and sensitive microphone. In case of a power failure, the base unit can run for up to 32 hours using its battery. And last, although it works only indoors, the unit is portable. You can take it anywhere you go, plug it into any telephone line, and you’re good as home.

The help button which comes in the form of either a neck pendant or wristband works with the base unit. It has to be always carried around to make sure that wherever and whenever an emergency happens, you can call for help by pressing the button. Don’t worry about getting it wet. It is 100% waterproof and it has a 100% warranty. Its range is also superior compared to most help buttons. It works within a 1,000 ft. range from the base unit. But take note that it may vary according to the setup of your house or the materials used in it.


Bay Alarm Medical offers their packages in 3 billing methods: semi-annually, quarterly, and monthly. The monthly average if you choose to pay semi-annually will be $21.95, so you can get the package for as low as that. If you choose to pay quarterly, it will cost you $24.94 a month in average. But basically, the monthly price is $27.95.


Bay Alarm Medical’s In-Home package requires no professional installation and can pretty much be installed in 3 easy steps. 1. Plug it to a wall outlet. 2. Plug in the telephone line. 3. Test the system. It doesn’t require you to configure it, just try and see if the system works.

In-Home Cellular Medical Alert System

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Cellular

Not everyone has traditional landlines at home. In that case you can choose to avail the Cellular Medical Alert System. This system uses cellular network instead of landline, but offers similar service.


This package is very similar to the In-Home Medical Alert System except for one thing, the base unit uses cellular network connection. You don’t need to have an existing AT&T cellular plan though, because the system itself comes with that. The base unit has the same speaker and microphone as the previous offer and the same battery life. So you might ask, which is better? As long as you have good AT&T service in your area, there won’t be any difference in the performance. But if the network signal is weak, you might want to consider getting a landline connection instead.

The help button is the same. Waterproof, covered by warranty, and has a range of 1000 ft from the base unit. You can also get an extra button for your spouse’s use.


The package is more expensive than the previous one. If you pay every 6 months, it will cost you $29.95 a month. $34.95 a month if you pay quarterly. And $39.95 a month.


Help is just a press of a button away. Similarly, installing the system requires just plugging it into a power outlet and pressing the help button.

Mobile GPS Help Button

Bay Alarm Medical Mobile GPS

The 2 previous offers may be portable enough to be brought with you no matter where you stay at, but not portable enough to protect you when outdoors. Their final product, the GPS Monitoring System can protect you in and out of the house.


The main part of the package is the mobile GPS device, but it comes with accessories like the charging hub, a USB charger, and a carrying case with belt clip. The mobile GPS device acts as a help button and a two-way speakerphone to speak with the monitoring center. It uses T-Mobile’s cellular network, so to use it, you have to be within the signal’s range. The device is not waterproof unlike the traditional help button, but it comes with a 1-year warranty. A single charge of the device can make it run for up to 72 hours. Its main feature is the GPS, where the monitoring center can track you and quickly respond to an emergency no matter where you are.


It can also be paid in 3 billing methods: $29.95 for semi-annually, $34.95 quarterly, and $39.95 monthly. But you will have to pay a one-time device fee of $80.


Charge, and ready to use!

Premium Bundles

You can get a bundle of either the GPS mobile device and In-Home Medical Monitoring System or GPS mobile device and the Cellular Medical Home Monitoring System.


In-Home Premium Bundle

This bundle includes the In-Home Medical Monitoring System that uses landline and the GPS mobile device. In addition, a Vial of Life is included, a ref magnet that has your medical information to help paramedics to know more about your condition.

Cellular Premium Bundle

This bundle has the Cellular Medical Monitoring System instead of the In-Home. It also has the Vial of Life and the GPS mobile device in a discounted price.


In-Home Premium Bundle

  • Billed every 6 months: $39.95/month
  • Billed every 3 months: $44.94/month
  • Billed monthly: $49.95

Cellular Premium Bundle

  • Billed every 6 months: $47.95/month
  • Billed every 3 months: $54.94/month
  • Billed monthly: $61.95


All the equipment requires no professional installation and can be configured on your own.

CO, Fire, Smoke, and Medical Monitoring

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. This odorless and colorless gas is poisonous and can be lethal in large amounts. Undetected fire and smoke is also dangerous to the health and can threaten the life of a senior and anyone inside the house. So Carbon Monoxide, Smoke, and Fire monitoring can also be essential.


This package comes with the traditional medical monitoring center. On top of that is CO, Fire/Smoke detectors that is monitored 24/7. Not only will these detectors sound off an alarm when fire or carbon monoxide is detected, it will also alert the monitoring center so that they can contact you or the fire department or rescue teams if necessary. Aside from that, a free lockbox which usually costs $39.95 will be provided.


The package of a Medical Monitoring System, CO Detector, Fire/Smoke Detector, and lockbox costs $39.95 a month, paid annually. Each added detectors costs $10 a month or $120 yearly. But if you signed out of this program, the medical alert system will be returned while the detector remains yours.


The detectors are to be mounted on a wall or the ceiling so it has to be installed professionally.


Bay Alarm Medical also offers additional products that may add to your convenience. Let’s look at each of them.



Probably the simplest of the add-ons, it offers convenience, safety and affordability. For a one-time fee of $39.95, you can get the lockbox and all its features. The lockbox is shaped like a padlock but actually stores a key to your house. The key is passcode protected, and in an event of an emergency where you cannot get to the door and the paramedics have to enter, they simply have to know the code to get your keys, and voila! They can enter your home without dealing any damage to your house.

Protection Plan

Not only do you need protection, but your system and equipment need protection as well, so you can get this plan to make sure that your medical alert system is safe or accounted for. The plan includes a surge protector that supports up to 1800 watts and a full replacement of medical alert system in case it is destroyed. No hidden costs and no long-term contracts.

You can get this plan for $49.95.

Vial of Life


The Vial of Life has already been mentioned earlier. It is a ref magnet where you can store information about you, so in an emergency, the paramedics have an easy way to know your condition. Just make sure that all information are there including your existing medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc. This comes free in all packages.

DSL Filter

DSL can interfere with your landline. In order to prevent that, a DSL filter should be tapped into your telephone line. You can get one for $24.95. This is for landline users.

25 ft. High-Speed Phone Cord

If you are having trouble centralizing your base unit and you need a longer phone cord, Bay Alarm Medical offers a 25 ft long high-speed phone cord. The cord can both be used in analog and digital (DSL) applications. It is available for $9.95 one-time fee.

How Alerts are Handled

It is important to know how alerts are handled because your life may depend on it one day. Bay Alarm Medical handles an alarm and responds in 3 steps.

1. Sounding an Alarm

First, on the side of the senior, sounding an alarm or letting the monitoring system know that she’s in trouble should be an easy thing to do. To sound an alarm, the senior should simply press the help button found in the pendant, wristband, GPS mobile device, or in the face of the base units. Any of those button will alarm the monitoring center.

In case of fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide threat, users who have monitored detectors have the benefit of not needing to call the monitoring center. The detectors already did that.

2. Assessing the Situation

Next, a representative will speak with you. Using the speakerphones in the base unit or in the GPS mobile device, you will be able to speak with them and hear them clearly. You don’t have to be beside any of these speakerphones because the speakers are powerful enough to hear from a few feet away, and the microphones are sensitive.

This is the part where the representative assesses your situation, try to find out how you are feeling, and figure out what you want or what kind of help you need. They have a record of your preference when these things happen and they base their action to that.

If they hear no response from the senior when an alert is sent, they do the wise thing and send help immediately, It can mean that the senior is unable to speak or knocked unconscious. Both are dangerous situations and need immediate help.

3. Help Arrives

A friend, a neighbor, family member, police, firemen, or paramedics; no matter what kind of help you need, it will be provided to you, And the good thing is, the representative from the medical monitoring center will never leave you on the line until you are safe.


  • Easy installation. All their products can be installed in a few steps and it literally takes about a minute except for the detectors which has to be installed professionally.
  • Long range from base unit to pendant. It can reach a range of 1,000 ft.
  • Equipment is UL listed.
  • They offer assistance in more than 170 languages.


  • Monitoring center has been outsourced from a US based monitoring center.
  • There are no fall detector options.


Bay Alarm Medical is a decent choice of medical monitoring system. The price is good, the service is good, and a company with more than 60 years of experience is great. Although they lack some high technology equipment like the fall detector from Alert 1 Medical, they are still a good choice.